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Practice Areas
Employment Litigation

I.A.B. Attorneys At Law, PLLC represents both employees and employers in all employment matters.  Representative matters include discrimination, harassment, and wrongful discharge.  I am also able to construct personnel manuals, employment contracts, RIFs, severance agreements and provide training in various areas of employment law (i.e. sexual harassment, HIPAA, FLSA, among others).

Appellate Practice

I.A.B. Attorneys At Law, PLLC are professional writers who thrive in Michigan's appellate courts.  I.A.B. has written and argued on behalf of its clients securing repeated victories in the Michigan Court of Appeals; and the Michigan Supreme Court.


The changes in bankruptcy law does not preclude you from filing bankruptcy. 
I.A.B. Attorneys At Law, PLLC is able to file your Chapter 7 bankruptcy claim.  At this time of economic downturn, bankruptcy is a real and viable alternative.

Commercial Law

I.A.B. Attorneys At Law, PLLC is able assist your entrepreneurial spirits in the creation of your new business.  I am able to assist you in business registration and start-up.  Legal advice as to business type (LLC, S Corp, C Corp, etc.), issuing of shares, Sarbanes Oxley regulations, tax ramifications, among others are necessary before establishing your new business. 

Estate Planning

What will happen to your possessions after your death?  Often, people find it difficult to address their own mortality.  The inevitable end of life and living is death.  You need to be prepared for that fateful day.  Whether you have an estate of great wealth or own very little personal possessions, you need a will, trust or both.  Your taking this step now will simplify things once you have passed away. 
I.A.B. Attorneys At Law, PLLC is skilled in the use of wills and trusts as estate planning tools. 

Family Law

I.A.B. Attorneys At Law, PLLC can assist you in all of your family law matters.  I.A.B. can represent you in divorce, child custody and child support matters whether before a referee at the County Friend of the Court or before a Judge.