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December 11, 2007--Venson v. Philotechnics, Ltd.:  Attorney Felicia Duncan Brock overturns the Michigan Department of Occupational, Safety & Health's finding of no discrimination after a two day hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.
September 29, 2008--Venson v. Philotechnics, Ltd.:  The fight continues.  The Kalamazoo Circuit Court affirms the Administrative Law Judge's finding of discrimination under the Michigan Occupational Safety & Health Act.

August 21, 2008--Adair v. Utica Skilled Trades Association:  I.A.B. secures a verdict in favor of Plaintiff Adair for $288,000 from a Macomb County Jury in this Breach of the Duty of Fair Representation case.
May 13, 2010--Adair v. Utica Skilled Trades Association:  I.A.B. fights in the Michigan Court of Appeals to keep Plaintiff Adair's $288,000 Jury Verdict.  The Michigan Court of Appeals affirmed Plaintiff Adair's Jury verdict in a 2 - 1 opinion. 
August 26, 2010--Jaber v. Wayne State University:  Federal District Court Judge Victoria Roberts agrees with Attorney Felicia Duncan Brock's argument that a Wayne State University Dean did not have the authority to revoke a doctoral degree.  Judge Roberts ruled that the revocation of Dr. Jaber's degree was void.
August 31, 2010--Barksdale v. Bert's Marketplace et. al.:  After a disappointing loss in the trial court, I.A.B. appealed  the no cause of action Jury Verdict to the Michigan Court of Appeals.  The appellate court , in a Published Opinion, found that the Judge abused his discretion when he limited the examination of a key witness--bar owner Bert Dearing--to merely 30 minutes.  The Court of Appeals remanded the case for a new trial!